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You are not broken. You are not a problem to be solved. Solving your “problem,” whatever you perceive your problem or problems to be, is not the key to happiness.

Golda Poretsky

Problems imply solutions. Life contains many difficulties. We too often conceive of difficulties in our lives as problems; therefore, we try to solve the unsolvable, thereby creating more difficulties (stress, pain, frustration, etc.). Problems are to be solved, while difficulties are to be experienced. Those experiences are opportunities to learn, to grow, to mature, to shed the old, to become reborn. And if you make the right choices . . .

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There is a park nearby that has roads and trails that lead up a hill. It provides a beautiful view, and you can see Boston in the distance.

Walking through the woods is a wonderful way to oneness. Connecting with God and God’s creation does more for our souls than we feel or realize. Sometimes, we can certainly experience the salve of peace that is applied to our innermost being during and after a nature walk; many times, we do not feel some kind of instant gratification, but are healed nonetheless. If you live in an urban area, do your best to reconnect with the natural world . . .

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