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Why We Are Here

My desire is to provide a safe, community environment that offers help & healing to those who seek the freedom to walk their spiritual journey on their own terms.

I provide classes & workshops. As time goes on, I will include an online forum, books, and other tools.

I am not trying to start a church or a cult. Each visitor can feel free to move on or revisit as they please. It’s my simple prayer and hope that each of you feels encouraged, learns something new, and becomes a little more positive.

I grew up in a Christian home & church; but, based on my personal experiences and studies and research, my beliefs are what I now classify as “expanded Christianity.” It is my strong belief that all religions touch on Truth; there is something valuable to learned from all of them. To me, religion is a springboard to personal spirituality.

We were born on this planet to learn, to grow, to seek Truth, and to have a personal relationship with the Divine, our Creator, the Source of all that is. No one person or organization has it “right” completely. We are all human and imperfect; therefore, our imperfection will taint our understanding and view. This is why we must all seek God on our own terms and not blindly accept or follow what others dictate—neither must we judge others along their walk.

I’ve met many non-religious people who personify the very best in humanity. I’ve also met many religious people who do not. It doesn’t matter how much scripture they memorize, how long they’ve belonged to a church or organization, or what words come out of their mouth; you will know them by their fruits.

The fruits of a sincere journey to reconnect to God are healing, wholeness, compassion, forgiveness, love, humility, encouragement, and a burning desire to help others.